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Choosing a Family Reunion Site the Whole Family Will Love

So…it's your turn to pick the venue for the next family reunion, and you are feeling a bit in over your head. Luckily, picking a family reunion site does not have to be a nightmare. If you are on the fence about the type of event venue you want to host your family reunion, keep the following questions in mind:

Is this the first family reunion?

If you have ever worked as a sports coach and were responsible for planning your teams first sports camp, you know that choosing a sports camp venue close to home is the best way to go. The team can spend most of the time getting to know each other. The same rules apply for family reunions. If this is the first reunion your family has ever planned, keep it close to where most of the family lives.

However, if your family has gotten together for several events, they will likely be interested in traveling farther. Keep in mind, though, that you must consider the budget of everyone involved, which leads us to the next important consideration:

Is the potential family reunion site affordable for everyone?

Budgets vary from person to person. Much like when you are planning a wedding or searching for that sports camp venue, you have to consider the price of the destination, including rental fees, food, parking, and additional travel expenses. If you are on a tight budget, you may be able save on costs using group rates.

How convenient is the location?

If an international family reunion is not in the cards, consider a location that is equidistant from as many family members as possible. Some members of your family may need to fly, but you can see if there are ways to make the trip convenient for as many people as possible.

What activities are available at each venue?

Would most of your family be interested in hiking through the mountains or taking day long sightseeing trips? Consider the type of activities that your family would like to do. For example, you may decide to select a city that is known for music memorabilia if your family is particularly passionate about music.

Finding the next venue for your family reunion site should be fun – not stressful or overwhelming. By reflecting on your family’s history of getting together, making a budget, and asking questions about convenience and activities when considering a particular location, your next family reunion is sure to be a wonderful time!

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